The major purposes of the society are:

  1. To share mutual experiences in order to contribute to the progress of each member in
    this field.
  2. Promote education by organizing or sponsoring symposia or courses.
  3. To prepare "Guidelines" on the medical management and surgical approaches to the treatment of ocular inflammatory diseases.
  4. To initiate and support National and International cooperation by fostering multi-centre studies on the major medical problems of Ocular Inflammation.
  5. To diffuse knowledge and to stimulate research on ocular inflammatory and immune processes.
  6. To foster studies on the basic mechanisms and pathogenesis of ocular immunology and inflammation.

No one should lose vision because they have uveitis or other ocular inflammatory disease. But, unfortunately, many can go blind from the disease because of the lack of information about modern, vision-preserving standards of care.

If you are a physician looking for resources for your patients, or a patient or parent looking information and support, you will find it here.